Aloha, 3 ways to colour your stamps.

Aloha, 3 ways to colour your stamps.



Today we are continuing our Colorado Craft Company feature week. I am sharing cards made with the big bold aloha pineapple stamp.



When I first recieved this stamp I really couldn't decide how to colour it, it's such a big bold stamp and I wanted to do it justice so I decided to try out 3 different colouring mediums.


Pencil colouring



I chose to use wax based pencils to colour the image first of all, the great thing about wax based pencils is that you can use a alcohol based blender pen to blend the colours together and give a smooth look.


Alcohol Markers



For the next card I grabbed my alcohol markers and set to work. The great thing about this stamp is that there is alot of bold detail that guides you as to where to add shading etc.




My last card was watercoloured. I'm no expert when it comes to watercolour and if I'm honest I find it a little scary, so I use watercolour markers, I find the flow and consistency is perfect as it's already been worked out for me and all I have to do is lay down the colour.  Once again, I just follwed the same process like the other cards, adding shade where the was detail in the stamp, I did however to for a bold graphic look which I think is my preffered look with this stamp.

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