New Houseplants

New Houseplants

I've been using stamps and dies from The Greetery today and you may realise by now that I do love a house plant stamp or die set so this Pot-Pourri collection had to come and live with me...



The arrival of stamping platforms makes solid stamps much easier to use because you can add shading by layering ink colours which is perfect for these pots, I love that the plants are all seperate from the pots so you can choose your own combination too. For the background on this card I used the Paint Strokes stencil by Waffleflower to make a soft abstract pattern by blending ink through one aperture at a time and turning/moving the stencil each time. I also added a small triangle texture from a Flora & Fauna set to give a contrast filler.



I added two grey strips of card for shelves and then worked out placement for the letters using the Connected die set to spell out my wording. I cut them from a piece of scrap woodgrain patterned paper to look like a piece of decor... they fit just nicely in the space :)


Thanks for stopping by, catch you next week :)

Jenny x

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