Birthday Forecast

Birthday Forecast

The Chance of Sprinkles stamp set from the latest Avery Elle release caught my eye, I thought it would be a good image for an interactive card. It took some working out and a lot longer to make than I anticipated as my original plan didn't work but I finally got there....



and when you pull the tab....



It's quite a basic pull tab slider and based on Jennifer Mcguires video tutorial here. As the sprinkles needed a long slit to pull through I had to add extra clouds behind the front one to help hide the gap. With selective inking I stamped the sprinkles without the cloud so I could add the wording above and then used the die to cut them out. I trimmed away the cloud shaped space above so it would slide down through the gap as far as I needed it to and then left some width to act as a stopper each side.



I wanted to add the "Forecast" wording onto the cloud but didn't have an alphabet small enough so I printed one from the computer. Now you can either print first and then stamp or I thought I'd show you how I added the sentiment afterwards with my printer...



First I make the text the correct size on a piece of copy paper then I lay it over the card panel or image I want to print on... you need to be able to see the faint outline through the paper so you can position it. Then I mark the four corners of the panel onto the paper so I can line up the panel on top and use low tack tape to attach it, you have to attach it the end that will go through the printer first to unsure a smooth journey through. I'm able to select the rear tray on my printer so the card doesn't have to bend as it goes through.... next is the bit where you hold your breath! As you can see, it worked well :)


Thanks for stopping by, catch you next week :)

Jenny x


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