Please read FAQs below
Please read our FAQ's below

Can I pay by cheque/credit card/cash?

As we are a small store, the ONLY payment method we are currently able to accept is PayPal. It is possible to use your credit card via PayPal without opening a PayPal account if required. We are aware that some people would prefer not to use PayPal but due to the costs and levels of administration required to manage multiple payment methods, we cannot at present offer an alternative.


Do you have a wishlist facility?

Yes, if you register an account with the store, you can simply click the heart on any product image to add it to your wishlist. You can then access your wishlist by clicking “my wishlist” on the top right of the main store page. You can also compare a range of products against each other and share your wishlist with friends and family.

Stock Updates

Can you tell me when a product will be back in stock? Can you tell me when a new release will arrive?

This is a question we get asked almost daily and it’s not possible to give definitive answers. We try to keep items in stock but trying to work out what will sell best is not easy to predict and we share your frustrations of not being able to order all the items you want at once. We work with over 20 individual suppliers now and they are often out of stock of popular items so it is not always possible for us to get items back as quickly as we’d like. We do try on each order for new releases to get out of stock items back, but if they are not available at the time of ordering we have to wait for the next release.

We will however always get items back in stock eventually if we have a request for them, so if there is an item you would like to order that is out of stock, please use the “email me when back in stock” link on the individual products as we use this information to inform our restock ordering. This will also mean you will get an email as soon as that item comes back into stock so do ensure you enter your email address correctly.

If you want to stay abreast of what we have coming then there are three other places you can check out. I blog on our blog every Sunday and include a run down of what we expect to arrive in the coming week. We also announce each new arrival as soon as it goes live on our Facebook page. Bigger announcements and longer run downs of what to expect are included in our newsletter and you can sign up to that on the main page of our website.

Pre-orders and holding orders open

Can I pre-order a new arrival? Can you hold open my order until a product comes back into stock?

No, we do not offer pre-ordering.   We only sell what we have “in stock” and available for immediate shipping.  We frequently have issues with lost deliveries, customs holdups and incorrect items from suppliers so we only list what we receive after it arrives to avoid any disappointment.  UK law on distance selling does not permit us to take longer than 14 days from taking money to shipping goods and as our goods come from the USA the only way to ensure this is our “in stock only” policy.

Whilst we appreciate this can cause frustration if products sell out before you can purchase them, in most instances, we have already ordered by the point we are allowed to show the stock so pre-ordering would not guarantee product.   As stated above we will restock sell outs as quickly as we are able.

I forgot something – can I add to my order and send payment separately? 

No, it is not possible to add items to orders once placed.   All orders MUST go through the store for tax and inventory purposes and the tax officials do not approve of payments where no invoice can be linked to it in our records.  Please ensure you double-check your list before confirming it so you can go back and add items before completing your purchase.

Loyalty Scheme

Do you have a loyalty scheme for regular customers?

Loyalty Points Scheme

We introduced a Loyalty Points Scheme in January 2020. Click here to find out more.

Other Brands

Can you stock X brand or X product?

Whilst we do try to keep abreast of all the hottest trends on the other side of the pond, we are always happy to hear from customers who have suggestions of other brands or products they would like us to stock. Please use the contact us form to provide us with the details and we’ll check them out. We can’t promise to add items straight away as we constantly struggle for space, but we do keep a list of all requests and review them regularly when looking to add to our stocks.

However, there are some products and brands that we will be never be able to stock as the manufacturers do not wholesale them. We get asked for these regularly so please note this list before emailing your request:


  • ï  SIMON SAYS STAMP EXCLUSIVES – their own brand of products are exclusively sold via their own website and they will not wholesale them to me (I have asked repeatedly!)
  • THE GREETERY – currently only available direct from their own website
  • ï  WPLUS9 INKS – although we stock their brand, they do not wholesale their inks so we cannot buy them
  • ï  AVERY ELLE and MFT CARDSOCK – although we stock their brands, they do not wholesale their cardstock so we cannot buy it
  • ï  MISTI – the Misti is now available to wholesale, but I am afraid the terms of trade are not acceptable to me so I will not be stocking it

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