Layered Embossing Technique

Layered Embossing Technique


I saw a card on social media where someone (sorry I lost the link so can't provide credit) had layered a torn area of an embossed image over the original full area and I really liked the look so I decided to have a go at the technique myself.


I used the Mega Succulent embossing folder for mine as its one of my favourite folders, but you can try the technique with any folder you fancy - you can find all the ones we have here



It's a very simple technique.  All I did was cut a sheet of white card to the size of the folder and embossed it as normal.   I then took a sheet of thin green paper and embossed it again in the folder - leaving the left and right edges just a little wider so I could fold it around the white layer.  I decided to go for a slice across the middle but with a wedge shape - its then just a case of tearing the paper in the direction you want it and adding it in place over the white layer.  This is what I saw on the orinal - although it was in shades of green on green with holly as I remember.  I decided I wanted a little more interest so I took a couple of thin strips of gold paper (what I had wasn't wide enough to do a full strip wider than my green) and embossed them in the areas above and below my torn edges.   I glued these behind the green layer, tearing the edges again once in place and dry, then I glued the whole strip onto the white base folding the edges over before attaching to my base card.  The sentiment comes from Let's Celebrate by MFT which is great for more than the standard Happy Birthday sentiment.


I really like the look from the technique so will be trying it out with some more of my folders and with different tearing patterns - the options are endless!



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Thanks and Happy Crafting!



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