Sending Rainbows in the Rain

Sending Rainbows in the Rain


Hello, Tallie here. As most of us in the UK are experiencing some random stormy weather right about now, I have a scene card for you. Since I saw the Avery Elle Looking for Rainbows Stamp, I have had this scene in my head. Plus, I don't think I've ever actually coloured in a rainy scene quite like this. Perfect opportunity to try!



This one is really easy to stamp out - just the bunny with the umbrella and a puddle and a couple of splashes. I used Lawn Fawn Jellyfish ink on some blending cardstock.


I always start with the background so the colour doesn't bleed, so I began with some blues for the background. The best part about this scene is it doesn't matter if it is fully blended as you want the vertical texture lines to give dimension to the rain. I wanted to highlight the area under the umbrella so made this lighter.


Some loose sketchy lines help to give some definition to the floor without being too detailed.



The trick with no-line colouring is to boost the contrast between the highlights and the shadows to make up for the lack of a thick black line. I used some very dark colours - sometimes even a black or very dark grey - for the deep shadows under the brollie to contrast the bright rain drops on top.


What really makes this scene is the use of a white gel pen. I added in lots of vertical lines for the rain in the sky, concentrating the smaller drops on the edges of the umbrella to capture the bouncing off motion. I added some thicker lines around the edges and at the points of the spines to give that movement of water. Don't forget to add rain in front of the character!



The scene is the main focus of this card, so I stamped out a simple birthday greeting from the Avery Elle A Head Above stamp set in some blue ink.


I really enjoyed colouring this scene so hopefully it has given you some inspiration!


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