Fake Cake

Fake Cake


I'm upcycling junk again today into birthday cake!  I've had this idea for ages but had to wait for the Make A Wish dies to come back into stock before I could share it with you.


I've taken a couple of tape rolls (one parcel tape, one washi tape) that I've been hording and wrapped them with some patterned paper.  I drew around them onto more patterned paper which I'd glued to some grey-board for strength (any thick card will do the trick) and used those to make the tops of the cake.  I added "icing" around the top and bottom of each layer using glitter card cut with a die from The Greetery's Cake Pops Die.  



For the banner at the top I used The Greetery's Cake Pops Banner Die and just used my craft knife to cut a slit to poke it through.   I added a sentiment from Cake Pops Stamp - I went with a party theme as I think these would make brilliant table decorations for kids parties.



Now came the candles.  I used white card and cut the bases then added red and blue decorative layers and glitter card layers for the flames and black marker on the wicks.   Then it was just a case of spacing them around the top layer of the cake.  I used foam tape to adhere them alternating the colours - sticking them on by eye (measuring not my strong point!) Starting with the blue one at the front and lining up the one at the back, then the sides then filling in red ones in the gaps.



I used hot glue to stick the two layers together but you could use red liner tape too if you don't have a hot glue gun.


I had previously made a cake pop stand for another project so tested that out and the cake fits perfectly so that adds more fun and height - great for the table dec idea.  



You could add the numbered candles to the top too if it was an appropriate birthday, change up the banner and it could work for any other form of party too.   Add flowers, die cut animals, numbers, names etc to decorate, the possibilities are endless!


Catch you on Sunday