Paper Bouquet Take 2

Paper Bouquet Take 2

Morning all!

I'm back today with another take on the new Paper Bouquet die set from Concord & 9th.

I've recently been enjoying the new series of Interior Design Masters on BBC, and once again this year we have had our fair few maximalist-inspired designs and plenty of natural 70s-esque cork and kraft tones, plus plenty of green and peach!

Well, I had a crazy idea to create a really dimensional repeat pattern background using multiple paper bouquets.

In fact, it took 5 identical bouquets to fill this background, and one spare just in case!

Yes, I spent a good while on Saturday getting immersed in a new audiobook while cutting umpteen bouquets.


I wanted to keep the bouquets for this card natural and warm, just using the daisy to add that pop of contrasting colour against the Nectar cardstock background.

I don't know what it is about that Nectar shade, but it's just a lovely step up from a blush pink and hits those warm notes.

Plus, I love how it pairs with those greeny blues that Concord & 9th offers, like Sea Glass and Eucalyptus.

In fact, once I'd created my A2 background with all the bouquets, I cut The Greetery's Ribbon Maker Petite Scallops die from Eucalyptus cardstock to wrap around the panel before attaching it to a trimmed down 5x7 kraft card blank.

This was the perfect way to make my rustic cream Tear Strip Tags Birthday banner die cut stand out.

Well, maximalism sure was a fun and interesting experiment.

But I may give minimalism a try again...

Until next time, happy crafting!