How to hack a large window slider on the Plane Amazing Die

How to hack a large window slider on the Plane Amazing Die



I fell in love with the Plane Amazing stamp and die set as soon as I saw it - the idea of making my own little sliding window blinds for my cards just had me screaming "yes please!"


Today I've made a couple of cards using the dies as intended for a couple of friends who are off to Italy for a month (lucky ladies!).    It's a REALLY easy interactive die set to use.  You cut 3 pieces - a blind, some handles and "window scene" strip - stamp your design onto the strip, fold the blind around it, add some stacked handles so its easy to move and pop it behind your windows.   You can cut 3 windows on a portrait card, or 4 on a landscape version.   For mine, I dind't do any stamping as I just cut my strip from green, white and red card so it makes the Italian flag when you raise the blinds.  You could do this with any flags if they fit the striped themed (as so many do).   Its super easy to line them up to as there are dotted score lines on the strip to help you.  C9 really did think of everything on this set!.   I added some frames around the windows and then stamped sentiments in matching colours (not sure if I liked blue or dark grey better!) to finish the cards.



Then I wanted to make a bigger one using the large window dies.  But then I hit a snag - there isn't a moving blind which made me sad as I wanted to make another card for our postie who will be moving routes next week and I wanted a bigger card for him.  I decided I would have a go at hacking my own blind.....


You can see how I did it fully on YouTube.   Essentially you need to move to a larger card (5 x 7 inch) and then create you own slider.  Take a piece of card 7 inch across and 3.5 inch high.  Scored and 1.5 inch and 4.5 inches and folded and secured behind.  This gives you a 3 inch wide slider.  Cut a strip of card for your "image" that is 7 inch tall and just less than 3 inch wide (so you slider slides)   Use the largest window die and the partial die cutting technique to cut the bottom of your blind and cut the edges off with scissors.  Add your handle, slide it over, secure behind your inner window layer and hey presto - a big slider!


I added a stamped sentiment on an ombre background for our postie's card, but you can use the die cuts that come with the die set to create differnent scenes you'd see form a plane window - seascapes as I did below, mountains, trees, desserts.   There are a lot of options - you could even use a photo you've taken from a plane window to make it really personal!


Hope that gives you a couple of good ideas to play with to get more from your sets.



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