Wood and Felt Napkin Ring Gift Sets

Wood and Felt Napkin Ring Gift Sets


I mentioned on my FB live run through of The Greetery that after seeing Laurie's paper sample I thought the Magnolia Bloom would make perfect napkin rings in felt - well I was right!   I got myself some plain sustainable wood napkin rings, cut some flowers, layered them up - et voila - instantly giftable for Christmas!


Not only does it look good as a magnolia in white, but switch to red felt (here I used 3 shades) then you've got a perfect poinsettia too!  For the red I used two large petals and one each of the smaller layers.  For the white I used 3 large and one each of the smaller layers.  I sprayed them with a fabric stiffening spray, you can use spray starch too and then pinched the edges of each petal together to get some shape into them.  The starch/stiffener dries and then they retain the shape.



The yellow centre works like a brad - you fold it together after cutting (use scrap card behind when cutting the felt - it gets a cleaner edge to the cut but also shows the detail better) and then poke the tails through the holes in each petal layer and split them behind to hold the layers together.  I attached them to the napkin rings with a small blog of hot glue as this hold felt better than normal wet glue.



Which do you prefer?   Magnolia or Poinsettia?




It will be a quiet week for arrivals this week which is handy as the sale was very busy this weekend so we need a few days to play catch up on packing so please bear with us if you don't get a shipment notification quite as quickly as normal this week.   We also have some hospital appointments this week for Tara (nothing to worry about just regular check ups) but we also have family staying for hospital visits too so we will be out of the office a little more than normal this week.


We do hope to have a couple of new releases before we close for Christmas - our last day of posting out items will be the 20th Dec.  The store will remain open over Christmas but we will not have another post collection after the 20th until 2nd January.   We do find that the mail slows considerably in December so if you are buying gifts we recommend placing orders as soon as possible.


Happy Crafting






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