Hugs All Over

Hugs All Over



I still needed some more hugs cards to sent out despite the six I made on Friday, but after all that stamping I wanted to mix it up and go for a die cut version instead - enter Concord and 9th Hugs All Around die stage left!



This was a really simple make once I'd worked out the placment by moving the die around on a piece of scrap the size of my card and drawing around it with a pencil so I could work out where to put the pieces without getting in a gluey mess.


To make the card, I just applied stick-it glue to the back of some azalea cardstock and die cut the heart 9 times.   You could use wet glue, but with fiddly dies, I prefer stick-it as it's quicker and cleaner.   It't then just a case of peeling them off the sticking backing with my tweezers, popping them in place and rubbing over with bone folder to make sure they're stuck properly.   Some overlap the edges, I cut those off and used the bits I cut off to fill in as required so you don't need to waste a whole die cut on a small area.


A set of these in rainbow colours would make a fabulous gift to send to a non-crafty friend so they can send out their hugs too!




Not much news - most of our suppliers are still in lockdown but we are hopeful of getting the mini release from Concord and 9th, the upcoming release from Altenew (no dies as they don't have them available) and some restocks from Lawn Fawn in the coming weeks.   We have no eta's on delivery at the moment so if you're looking for something specific, check in daily on Facebook as we will announce there when anything has been added to store as we always do.


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