Merry & Bright wintry scene

Merry & Bright wintry scene

Morning all!

I'm still plugging away at my Christmas cards for this year, and there's one festive project I've been wanting to make for a while.

I always love the look of 3D cards, but am not very good at taking a break from my usual cardmaking style to give them a go.

Plus, with the cost of postage these days, I really want to keep bulky cards to a minimum at Christmas.

One simple way to add pop is to use cardstock to make "springs".

I absolutely love a festive wintry scene, and the StencilScapes Winter stencils from The Greetery are a real favourite.

There are 6 steps to build the scene.

You can use one colour per stencil just like the printed guide shows, or mask off areas on the stencil layers/use detail brushes to bring in more colours.

For example, I wanted a pink sky but also wanted to keep the frosty blue for the frozen lake and I wanted the little skaters to stand out with bright blue coats - all possible with a bit of selective ink blending and masking.

Once I'd finished the scene, I went in with some glue to add Rock Candy glitter to the tree branches, the rooftops, and other areas that needed a touch of frosty sparkle.

Then it was on to creating my frame.

The Ornament Box Top Vertical stamp and matching dies were originally intended for the Curio Attic Ornaments and Curio Divider dies, but they are perfect for framing wintry scenes like this one.

I went with a festive red ink for the box and once it was cut out, I just needed to make the springs that would make the frame pop up.

For this A2 frame you need two strips of white cardstock that are 7/8ths of an inch wide and 5 and 3/8ths of an inch long (so a touch shorter than the length of the frame). Score the strips at 1/4 in. then another 1/4 in. leaving 3/8ths of an inch. The 3/8ths part of your frame spring is the one you attach to the back of the Ornament Top Box frame so that the first fold is always on the outside of the frame. This keeps the 1/4 in. folds to the edges of your card and they're not easily visible when the card is displayed.

Here's a close up view from above showing the frame spring:

When you come to stick the frame onto the background panel (with liquid glue for wiggle room), it's a good idea to trim the panel down slightly so that everything lines up easier. I also trimmed down my usual A2 card base and stuck that on at the end. It's much easier to do all this before assembling, rather than when things are stuck in place and something is still sticking out a bit somewhere.

You could achieve a similar framed look for this scene with The Greetery Arches dies or other frame dies, but this Ornament Box really adds an extra festive touch.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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