Santa Chimney Pop Up

Santa Chimney Pop Up


I have a card to share that was intended to be my card on Sunday, but I spent ages waiting for some paste to dry, only to realise that it was too much for the thin card I'd used and it ruined my card....  (I'll share a peek below)  So I pulled it all apart and started again but didn't finish it until very late so I figured I'd save it for today.


I know some of you are scared of interactive card dies as they can sometimes be complex to put together, but I was lucky to take part in an online class with Lawn Fawn (in the middle of the night due to the time difference, but hey ho!) and was surprised how quickly we all put this one together.  So, if you want to give interactive cards a try - I would say the Peekaboo Pop-Up die is a very good gateway die.   To make a pop up you need to cut the "main die" twice, and trim one for the "front" to a minimum of 2¾ inches so your mechanism stays hidden.  You can choose from one of 3 mechanisms - the "L" shaped pieces in the set - all do the same job - they just make your element pop up and a different point across the card depending on which you choose.   The key to this die is to use thin card or thick paper for the main elements.   If your card is too thick, it won't fold hard enough on the creases and then your pop up won't "pop" so easily.   That's why my first card went wrong as I decided to add a thick layer of paste to thin card - after 15 years of crafting I should have known better - but hey, I make mistakes and share them so you don't have to!!!



I decided it would be fun to make Santa pop up a chimney so in additional to the pop up die I added a couple of other elements.   Firstly to create a scene on my background I added a big moon and some sparkly stars (without paste this time!) and set it aside.   For the front element I created a house using the Up On The Rooftop die from MFT and added a strip of kraft to become the house beneath the roof.  I used Build-A-House Christmas Add-On die to add some Christmas lights (currently out of stock, but this Christmas string lights die would work instead).   My Santa and his Reindeer, gift and sack, all come from Ho Ho Holidays from Avery Elle - my Santa of choice for this Christmas.


To work out your placement, secure the left hand side of your card together (glue runner is best as you can then take it apart if something goes wrong) and fold your pop up elements.  I used the mid-left piece to get my Santa in the second position across the card.   You can see from the screenshots below how the dies are placed inside your mechanism, and how far across the card they place your popping element.  If you want to trim the "height" of the pop up - you can do that once you have your element sorted.  Watch Lawn Fawn's full video here if you're unsure of how I've explained it, but I promise, it is super easy once you start.



Once I'd got my pop up in place, I added my house, which at this point was without a chimney as I got the position wrong on my first card too.  I made the mechanism pop and marked a pencil line on the roof where it popped.  I then lined the chimney up centrally before adding the snow and poking the reindeer and gifts behind.  I find it easier to add the pop up character at the end, so secured the right hand side of the card with glue runner again and then popped Santa in place - making sure to not have him too low that he pokes out of the bottom or too high that he can be seen when he should be hidden - again - glue runner helps as you can try a few positions before you're sure it all works.



I added the sentiment at the end - it would have been MUCH easier to do it before I stuck the house onto the card - so there you go - another lesson to learn from me.  I think I'll make a few more of these for Christmas this year as I know the kids will love to play with them and once you've done it once, (and aren't waiting for paste!) they can be made pretty quickly!  You can see it in video action over on our social media sites.



Hope that's given you the courage to give interacticve cards a go.


Happy Crafting.




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