Going Dotty!

Going Dotty!

Hello & Happy Thursday!


Today I am sharing a colouring technique that I saw Jennifer McGuire use a short time ago. It's definetly not a new technique as I've seen it used before, I think it was just the rainbow of colours Jennifer used on one of the cards in THIS video that drew my focus and attention!


I've made two cards to share with you using the colouring technique and this first card was more of an experiment. I was super lucky to receive the beautiful new Painted Peony from Concord & 9th for my birthday and I was excited to ink it up and try it with this technique.



With it being a layering flower I couldn't just stamp it in black ink as it would loose the beautiful detailing. I used Altenew Rock ink collection to stamp the layers starting with Silver Stone as the lightest.


The colouring technique is based on the art of Pointillism and is simply lots of dots in varing shades of a colour. If you look closely at my card you might be able to tell with the colour I started with. It took a little practice to apply the right pressure.



Though like with all papercrafts everyone's results are going to look a little different and will also alter depending on the pens you choose to use. I have used Copic Markers as I have a decent selection of colours and shades. Plus the fine tip is perfect to achieve a different size dot depending on pressure.


Jennifer gives lots of great tips in the video, but I just did my own thing really going back and fourth between the shades of each colour adding dots until I was happy with the result.


Having chosen a solid and layered image for my first card I chose the complete opposite for my second.



For this card I selected the SMILE sentiment from Concord & 9th Peek Through patterns. I started by stamping the sentiment in the centre of my one layer card in black ink. I then selected just 5 of the colours I used for my first card to repeat the same process.


I found this design a lot easier to get a result I was happy with and a nicer colourful and more even border around the word.



It is definetly a technique you will want to try different images and styles with and it has other possibilities for colouring inside the lines too! 

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