Getting Inky with Concord & 9th!

Getting Inky with Concord & 9th!

Hello & Happy Thursday!


I was super excited to finally get my hands on the NEW Concord 7 9th Ink Cube Bundle last week and even more excited to test them out! A few other things fell into my basket along with the inks, including the matching Assorted Cardstock and the Flower Turnabout clear stamp set to name a few and of which I have used today!


I hold my inky hands up, I am a total ink pad addict! I love colour and I love having a variety of ink types for different projects and I love having different shades and colours to choose from. Colour makes my heart happy and I love it even more when you can get cardstock to match!


I loved that the cube inks came as a bundle and working out at around £2.60 for each cube they are really good value. They come in a really handy case for storage too. They are the newer style of foam pad that other brands now use over the felt style pads.


This style of ink pad can be on the jucier side, which is good, but can also cause a little bit of pooling on newer unused stamps. However, I always prime my photopolymer stamps prior to inking with a pencil eraser. I do this a few times in-between inking and cleaning. This just ensures even coverage of the ink and a clean stamped image.


There are a couple of tests I carry out with new inks, coverage of a solid stamp and how well they stamp a sentiment. The Flower Turnabout stamp set has both solid stamp and sentiments, so it was perfect for my test run of the inks!


I started with the turnabout image first to create a background. I used Ballet Slipper, Honeysuckle, Poppy and Cranberry. I wanted to see how these pink to reds worked together.


I always create a 14cm square printed turnabout and then trim down to my card size, I know this causes a little bit of stamped waste, but I find it easier to stamp them with a square piece of card and the 'waste' can be used for a quick card too!


On this first card I have trimmed the square to fit a 10.5 x 14 cm card front this is the size I make my cards when using US sized card. I also never make a full card base from coloured card stock! I've then trimmed it on an angle to show the Ballet Slipper card.The sentiment from ther Flower Turnabout stamp set is stamped in Mushroom and it has stamped beautifully crisp and cleanly.


My second card uses the 'waste' from the turnabout stamped pieced I trimmed down. This time I stamped the sentiment stright onto the Ballet Slipper card using the Cranberry ink. Again I was pleased at the crispness of the stamped sentiment.


I've finished the card off with one of the flowers from the turnabout image stamped in Honeysuckle, leaves in Evergreen and I simply fussy cut the flower out before adhering with foam adhesive.


Lastly I decided to make a one layer, clean and simple card. I am always in need of thank you cards and this font and sentiment in this set is just so pretty.



I simply stamped the sentiment in Mushroom ink, slightly off centre as I knew I wanted to stamp some of the individual flowers and leaves from the set in a cluster to the top right. I balanced it out slightly with a smaller flower and leaves to the bottom left.



The ink colours I used for the flowers are Buttercup, Sorbet, Marmalade and Honeysuckle. I used Evergreen for the leaves.


Overall I am really pleased with both my ink and card purchase. The inks are excellent quality and pass my two stamp tests! The inks will be sitting on my desk for some time I am sure, as I have the other colours to try out! The card is smooth for stamping and thick enough to create a base card too.


That's all I have to share with you today, I hope you find my ink review helpful and my projects inspiring!

Crafty Hugs Bev