Kids Cards

Kids Cards



Good morning! Deborah here with you today. I’ve made a couple of cards for my great-nephew who was 10 years old yesterday. I made one card to send from me and one from my mum. Mum can’t quite believe that her great-grandson son is 10!!!! Here’s the first card:



I used the new Out of This World stamps and dies, along with Make Some Noise stamps for this card. I love the little rocket. I decided to make a bright red rocket, but you can make it any colour you want. I was lazy and rather than dig through my scrap’s drawer, I started with some scrap white card and used Copic markers to colour individual areas and then used the dies to cut out all the pieces. Be VERY CAREFUL with these dies there are some tiny, tiny ones and I spent a while looking for the engine flames!!! The design of the card is CASED directly from the image on the back of the packing, expect that I stamped the mini starry turnabout in white ink on black card – didn’t use a jig at all, just did it freehand – and it’s okay. I added some stamped detail to the planet along with the rings – I added some gold sparkle to the rings, but you can’t see it in the photo. Before adhering any of the die cut pieces, I stamped the two-step birthday greeting at the foot of the card. The letters are spaced apart which makes it easy to ink each letter individually (would be easier with mini–ink pads). I used neon inks for the letters.



Inside the card, I cut a mat layer of black card. On the white panel I stamped a bold red greeting and some stars from Out of This World and added a simple black ‘happy birthday’ from All The Birthdays.



Next, I made a 3D card using Birthday Stacks stamps and dies. I absolutely love this set (and you will be seeing it again next week). I cut three pieces of white card to the following sizes: 6¾” x 4¼” for the wrap around layer, one at 5⅜” x 2½” for the candle layer and one at 5⅜” x 1½” for the presents layer. I also cut a black layer at 5⅜” x 3½” for the celebrate layer. I stamped the balloons directly onto the back layer and used the solid circle to quickly fill the balloons with colour and then I added the strings. I stamped the candles and presents onto the white strips and used the co-ordinating solid stamps to fill with colour. I added some extra colour with simple felt pens. I used the matching dies to cut out each layer. The dies cut a little notch either side of the stamped image showing where to score the card. For the black layer, I simply die cut the word. Once cut out, I added ¼” sticky tape down the score lines and trimmed off any excess card. At this point I also made sure that each layer was the correct depth, and trimmed off any excess card. I positioned the black layer and adhered it along the backing layer score line and repeated the process with the other two layers. To finish, I removed the backing paper from the sticky tape and folded over the other side of the card. My explanation of the process isn’t very clear, but there’s an excellent video on Concord & 9th showing the process. I took a photo looking down on the card, so that you can see the different layers.




I cut another piece of white card to the same size as the backing layer, used the shaped die to cut the top of the panel. I removed the two edge pieces, trimmed the piece to be slightly smaller than the body of the card and stamped a birthday greeting along with a balloon.


That’s all from me today. Earlier this week I was busy making my cards for the next couple of weeks. I’m going in for my first round of chemotherapy tomorrow afternoon. I’m not worried about the actual process, but I’m a bit concerned how I’m going to feel over the weekend (when I normally make my cards), so getting some ready now. Keep safe.


Deborah, x