Rainbow Spacers and a Busy Week in Store

Rainbow Spacers and a Busy Week in Store


I've been having fun with my card scraps box this weekend using the recently back-in-stock Right Angle Spacer Dies from Waffle Flower Crafts.   Whilst these dies were designed as a tool to take the guess work out of frame making (you cut sets and put them in the corners to get the spacing equal all the way around) i thought they had decorative pattern building possibilities too.   So I pulled out all my little scraps in a rainbow of shades and set about cutting out some pieces and then had fun making jigsaws up in my head.


For the first card I used the narrowest die and got 4 sets in all the colours and made a rainbow "arrow" across my square card.   You would not believe how much faff went into this!   I couldn't decide on the pattern I wanted to build - here are the 4 options I tried....



In the end I decided that the "spaced out from the edge getting solid in the middle" - bottom left, was my favourite so then I glued them all down.   I then picked some small sentiments from Itty Bitty Celebrations (any small sentiments would work - you could either repeat one all way round - so Happy Birthday would work 8 times for example, or pick matching pairs top and bottom left and right - Happy Birthday + Celebrate for example, or like I have done pick 4 and pair them around the arrow - or go crazy and stamp 8 different ones!   I just marked a line to get the spacing even all around and lined the start (or end) of each one with the lime green arrow.   Once I'd settled on the pattern it was actually pretty quick to make.    Just start with a light pencil diagonal cross and line up the "right angle" of each arrow on it to keep it all straight.



For the second card I used two more shapes.   For the circular frame I took a circle die and again, used the "right angle" to line up the shape and keep the circle even.  Just adding one spot of glue to each and glueing my way around.  I added grey to separate my red and pink ends.



I then used the medium shape to make a straight border and stamped a sentiment from Celebrate Everything on top.


To make my circular frame into a focal point I decided to add some little unicorns from Mama Elephant's Little Unicorn Agenda - I went for 3 and think they have a "charlies angels" look to the pose.   I added a circle of black to make them pop after colouring and fussy cutting (the white border of the dies meant 3 wouldn't fit so I trimmed them by hand)


I'm quite pleased with the happy rainbows both cards made and I have lots more pieces left to play with so will see what other patterns I can create but I ran out of time to play as I have stock to add to store this afternoon!



So - this is one of the busiest weeks of the year as it's a Lawn Fawn release week and their releases are always our busiest!   Here's what to expect - there will be a lot of deliveries but we can't get it all live at once (we could do with octopi that can type!) but we'll let you know as soon as we can when things are live:


  • Today is Mama Elephant release day and we'll have the release live this afternoon/evening.

  • We're still working on adding the latest MFT release as it was late this month.   We'll be ordering the upcoming vault release but we're not allowed to pre-order that so it will be another week at least before we get it.

  • Newton's Nook last two releases will be here on Monday but it may take us a few days to get it processed and in store around order packing.

  • Concord and 9ths release was held up as a couple of items were late from the manufacturing but that is shipping on Monday so we should have it by the end of the week and it will be added next weekend or early the week after.

  • The Greetery's latest release is in transit and will be live as close to release as we can get it on.

  • Avery Elle have their summer release on 26th May and our order is in so we should have it for release day.

  • Our website issues with Altenew are fixed so we've ordered their latest releases (although a few items were sold out so we're waitlisted for them) and have pre-ordered their upcoming release too.   We should have it by the end of the month fingers crossed - it takes them around 2-3 weeks to process orders.

We should be able to catch up on some other brands in early June - watch this space for an update nearer to the time and sign up for newsletters if you've not already to get arrival news when it happens.


Happy Crafting